LIFE Groups

Learning about God, His Word and developing meaningful relationships with others who share the same faith is vitally important.  We are pleased to announce that you will have so many interesting and choices for you to choose from to reach your spiritual goals via our LIFE Groups.  
In a nut shell, LIFE Groups consist of 12 to 18 people that meet together each week for Bible study and to grow.  They are a great way to have fun and meet people.  You can choose a group based on its time, location, day of the week and topic of study!

Our 2017 Fall LIFE Groups begin in September and wrap up in November.  August is a time of refreshing for our facilitatrs and a time for each of us to figure out which LIFE group we'd like to be a part of next.  Check out what's coming this Winter below!  

Our Fall Life Groups begin in September.


Click here to see our 2017 Fall LIFE Groups Catalog as a PDF



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To order a workbook for a life group or to learn more about a group
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Note #1:  Groups not listed do not have a workbook
Note:#2:  Having a "workbook" is not a required expectation to join a LIFE group.  It is simply a way that some choose to add value to their LIFE group experience.

LG s1 -- Facilitator, Stacey DeHaven

LG s2 -- Facilitator, Chip Basel

LG s4 -- Facilitator, Denise Harper (Part 1)  &  (Part 2)

LG s5 -- Facilitator, Michelle Kenton

LG w1 -- Facilitator, Pastor Dorrice (Part 1)

LG w2 -- Facilitator, Angi Paul
If you have any questions feel free to "click on" Pastor Dorrice below or contact our church office
Pastor Dorrice Burns                                     
Associate Pastor,
Director of Adult Discipleship