mission, vision, & values

Our Mission is simple - we want to lead others to experience God for real for themselves by inspiring people to live in a way that is Biblically balanced, Christ centered, and by Holy Spirit empowered.
Our Vision for 2024 -- Stronger Core

A stronger core in 2024!  Imagine if your will power was stronger.  Or if you were more sensitive to God's voice and prompting in your life.  Imagine if your ability to discern and make great decisions grew.  What kind of difference can these things make in your life?  How can a "stronger core" empower and equip our church to serve our faith family and community even better...we can't wait to find out.  One this is for sure...a stronger core in 2024 (the inner being of who you are) will empower and equip you to make the most of this year.  We are trusting God more in 2024 at MCOG.

Our Core Values 

These values serve as a “compass” for us to align our behaviors, lifestyles, and decisions in such a way that glorifies Christ and keeps us on track to live out our “Mission” and to see our “Vision” fulfilled.

  • Holiness
  • Accountability
  • Delegated Authority
  • Relationships
  • Ministry
  • Excellence
  • Outreach
  • Relevance