mission, vision, & values

Our Mission is simple - we want to lead others to experience God for real for themselves by inspiring people to live in a way that is Biblically balanced, Christ centered, and by Holy Spirit empowered.
Our Vision for 2018 -- Stronger Everyday

In 2017 we began the journey of becoming "stronger every day."  We witnessed those who call MCOG their spiritual home experience:  a stronger anointing, faith, family, finances, health, impact, marriage, prayer life, relationships, and witness.  God is calling us to continue this journey in 2018, a journey that will continue to increase our strength for everyday life.  In 2018 there will be a tremendous focus on leadership development, as well as an expansion and multiplication of the number of people using their gifts and talents to serve others in His name.  Join us as we pray and work toward making every ministry and every person we have the privilege of serving; stronger for everyday life in 2018!

Our Core Values 

These values serve as a “compass” for us to align our behaviors, lifestyles, and decisions in such a way that glorifies Christ and keeps us on track to live out our “Mission” and to see our “Vision” fulfilled.

  • Holiness
  • Accountability
  • Delegated Authority
  • Relationships
  • Ministry
  • Excellence
  • Outreach
  • Relevance